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Irene lost 6st 1lb on our TotalFast plan.

“Losing weight with LighterLife has truly changed my life”

Irene has lost a grand total of 6st 1lb with our TotalFast plan in 40 weeks and has gone on to lose another 5lb following our Management plan.

“Some people might ask, were you hungry while following the LighterLife programme? I wasn’t at all. I cooked for my husband throughout my weight-loss journey but what I liked was not having to think about my food choices. I looked forward to planning my day and knowing what meals I had to enjoy. The vanilla porridge pot being my breakfast staple.

I religiously attended the cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) sessions on Facebook and the support from my Mentor, Sharon has been the best experience for me. Understanding why I wanted to eat or what would make me overeat has helped me to stay focused on the plan and I will use those tools so I can maintain my weight for the long term.

Before LighterLife my wardrobe was just full of dark clothes not a bit of colour in sight, now I love being able to wear clothes that I like rather than just whatever fits me, I own dresses, cut-off trousers and my wardrobe has colour…It is such an amazing feeling.

Since losing weight I feel so much healthier, I can walk faster and better given my osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and 2 hip replacements already. I now really enjoy exercise!

I can finally enjoy events and not feel pressurised to eat for the sake of it, I have choices and I don’t feel bad for refusing food if I don’t want it.