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The LighterLife Toolkit: Your solution to living a lighter life

If hunger is not the problem, eating is not the solution 

LighterLife gives you the tools to help you change the way you think and live your life – for the better. The key to managing your weight is learning to think differently, because it’s by changing your mindset that you’re able to change your behaviour – not only how you eat and drink but also how you manage your relationships with others, manage your relationship with yourself and how you use your power to manage your life in general.

How can I achieve my goal weight?

Foodpacks and determination play a huge role in you helping you achieve and maintain a healthier weight. Lasting change is far more possible when you identify the reasons why you overeat. Once you develop the awareness, you have a fantastic opportunity to change and improve your relationship with yourself, and to develop resilience so you can meet life’s challenges in a healthy way.

That’s why the LighterLife toolkit of skills is designed to help you think better, feel better and act better, all based round tried, tested, and highly respected techniques for change. The group meetings are where you acquire and practice them which is why it’s so important to attend each week as some of you are aware.

How CBT mindfulness will help.

In your group you will gain insights and continue with personal development during the week.  Overeating often happens without you consciously engaging your brain; you automatically act on an impulse to eat or drink. Before you know it your hand’s in the fridge and the food or drink is in your mouth. The technical term for this is ‘impulse-action collapse’ – there’s no breathing space between the impulse to do something and actually doing it.

On TotalFast, being abstinent and the work you do in your group sessions enable you to create a ‘reflective’ space between the impulse and the action, so you have chance to think about the likely results of your behaviour, and whether they are going to move you closer to your goals or further away from them.

Your LighterLife toolkit includes: 

  • Weekly Hot Topics giving you the opportunity to get weekly support… responding to what’s going on around you from today’s reality, rather than as a result of what’s happened in the past. All to help you achieve your weight loss goal and prepare for moving into Management to ensure you continue to live your lighter life.
  • Mindfulness tools helping you to increase awareness and understanding of your relationship with food.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) tools to help you recognise how your thinking affects your feelings, and in turn your behaviour. How to challenge and change your relationship with food.
  • Physiology: Body Matters – here you have the opportunity to discover some truths about your body – did you know that the fatter you are the more you can eat without getting fatter – puts all those thoughts that you only have to look at a doughnut and you gain weight in the rubbish bin!
  • Goal-setting tools to help you create want-to goals rather than have-to goals.
  • Crooked thinking means thinking in a way that’s extreme, unhelpful, unrealistic – Balanced thinking means thinking in a way that’s realistic, matches the facts.
  • Self-talk is your inner voice, your thinking voice.

Change your thoughts and you change your world.

Discover more about our approach to mindfulness and our product range at LighterLife.