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Repetition & Routine: Here’s why it’s so effective for weight loss

Repetition & Routine – Hear it, see it, do it, live it!

Once you have decided on a plan of tactics for personal development, repetition of those tactics is key.

You may think that once you’ve heard or read something then you know it. Think back to a newspaper or magazine you read last week, or a TV or radio news programme you listened to. Apart from the few obvious headline stories, how many can you remember?  How much of the detail can you remember? How much detail of each could you repeat? Can you remember much detail about the news from three months ago? See what I mean?

Research shows that you need to listen to or read something repeatedly – at least six times – before any substantial amount of the information begins to be taken on board, and if the information is to be remembered and kept in mind for any length of time, constant repetition and working is required. While you are building up your skills, work with the materials again and again; take notes, re-read materials you like, work at finding other information on the topics, read about people you admire and talk to other achievers.

Any behaviour that is repeated over time becomes a routine which is the stuff of a habit. The downside to habits is that very little, if any, conscious thought needs to be given. Without paying any attention people can drive at 80 miles an hour down a motorway totally out of awareness. If suddenly for instance the brake lights of the car in front come on, they become aware giving full attention to the situation.

Eating can certainly fall into the same Mindless behaviour! 

Creating a routine is important for changing a habit.

It is estimated that around half of the things we do, we do out of habit; we act mindlessly without attention. When you change your habits you change your life. LighterLife TotalFast is designed to place a pause button between you and your eating behaviour and the group work is designed to help you develop the skills for long-term change of those habits.

Old habits die hard as the saying goes.

To become skilled at a new way of living there are typically several stages that people go through;

  • Contemplation – I’m thinking whether this is important enough
  • Preparation – yes, it is – now I need to get going
  • Action – I’ve got a plan and I’m going to make it work
  • Maintenance – I know I am important enough and I’m going to work as hard at developing this new way of living as I did at losing the weight

There’s a rule which describes such new skill development as taking years to master. Our research tells us that if you can keep living at your healthier weight for a year you are right in the heart of creating your new life.

A Chinese proverb from 200 years ago says;

“I hear and I forget, I see, and I remember, I do, and I understand”.  

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