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Being a LighterLife Mentor

Lesley Turner explains why life as a Mentor is so fulfilling – and such a great opportunity.

“Why did I become a LighterLife Mentor? It was a no-brainer. I had a great experience as a LighterLife client, losing 4st in four months in 2011 – and maintaining since then – and then I had the opportunity to train as a LighterLife Counsellor, which I love.

I have seen first-hand how the LighterLife Programme changes people’s lives, and being able to share in that experience and feel that you’ve helped someone to get to a place where they are feeling great is an incredible privilege.

What is the saying? “If you love what you do, you’ll never have to do a day’s work again!”

That is exactly how I feel, as this is so much more than just a job, and when the opportunity arose for me to run my own LighterLife business as a Mentor, I jumped at the chance and I haven’t looked back.

The best part of being a LighterLife Mentor is that it gives me so much freedom. I can structure my week to suit me, seeing my clients at regular times to fit in with my home life. I can choose the hours I work and having the flexibility of running my practice from home is great – no commuter traffic on those days, YAY!

I get full support from the LighterLife team and being part of the LighterLife family means that, although it’s my business, I don’t feel that I’m ‘going it alone’.

To give my business structure I run regular ‘Pop-in’ sessions with my clients so they can come and see me weekly for a quick catch-up chat to discuss how they are getting on, as well as have a personal weigh-in and buy their Foodpacks. I try to do these at different times in the week so my clients can find a time that suits them – for example, a morning session, an evening session and a weekend morning session. These times seem to fit in with everyone.

I also offer a free Express meeting session one day a week before one of my Pop-ins, for clients who want extra support. The Express meeting runs for 30 minutes and it’s a great opportunity for my clients to get to meet each other and share their experiences. It also gives them a taster of what goes on in the telephone-counselling groups if they haven’t tried them yet.

For new clients, I have hour-long appointments to allow them to ask questions and get all the information they need about the benefits of the LighterLife Programme before they join.

What would I say to anyone thinking of becoming a Mentor? Well, if you’re interested in working with people and helping them, this is a fantastic opportunity for you. To be part of an amazing company and to be part of the obesity solution that so many are seeking is an incredible privilege and very exciting. So many people struggle with their weight, and being there to listen to them, to understand and offer help is so often the lifeline they need.

Want to be your own boss? Then go for it!”

You can get more information on how to apply and download our franchise recruitment pack here.


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