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Be Mindful this Easter

This is an Easter like no other. The enforced lockdown and the disruption to Easter holiday gatherings, along with the closure of restaurants, pubs and cafes does mean there’s less temptations there, although supermarkets are still delivering food.  For those who want to lose weight it does mean there’s an increase in the likelihood of feeling bored and eating that boredom.

Easter is often seen as a time for new beginnings, another New Year if you will. When you sign up to LighterLife you too decide to make a fresh start. Wherever you are in your weight loss journey, being Mindful can help you be more aware of what and why you are eating, help you challenge that voice in your head that might be saying unhelpful things ‘It’s not fair, everyone is having chocolate, poor me, I’m stuck indoors, I deserve Easter eggs’. Are you likely to regret acting on those thoughts, sometimes even asking yourself afterwards ‘Why did I do that?

The LighterLife virtual community means there will be people to share the experiences and help you create the structure and support you need. Our virtual groups are a great place to explore ‘crooked thinking’ and find other coping mechanisms and asking yourself ‘Is it food I really need or do I have some other way of coping’?

It’s mindful thinking that will help you get off the dieting roundabout, deal with that voice in your head that has sabotaged your weight loss goals in the past and help you understand more about your triggers and develop your skills for success.

Explore how Mindful thinking can help you use this Covid-19 enforced lifestyle change to your benefit, so that when we come out the other end you are the weight you want to be and living a healthier lifestyle. This year many of our habits are just not possible so this is a great opportunity to break old unhelpful eating habits and create new ones.

By the way, LighterLife chocolate shakes, bars and mug cake are a great way to get that chocolate fix that you won’t regret. Mindfully savour every mouthful and make the most of it.