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Be 3 Stone Lighter by Christmas

Did you know that it’s less than 100 days until Christmas – don’t fret, that’s still enough time for you to lose 3 stone!

Holly’s Success Story

During Christmas 2017, Holly decided that enough was enough and it was time to do something about her weight once and for all.

Having spent her childhood with a weight problem, and being bullied for her size, Holly turned to food for comfort when she was upset.

The LighterLife Total plan was perfect for me she said – it took food out of the equation – that’s what made it easy, I had no decisions, shopping or cooking to worry about, and because the weight came off so quickly it motivated me to keep going.

My hour a week with my mentor was so important too – it gave me the chance to look at why I had been overeating and understand what I had been doing.

After losing over 10st with LighterLife – Christmas 2018 was so much better than Christmas 2017. Holly has managed to kept off the weight ever since and feels like a totally different person both physically and mentally.

If a bit of weight does go back on occasionally, (I put a bit back on during lockdown) I am straight back on the Plan and it is off in no time.

So with Christmas fast approaching what commitment will you be making this year? Improving your health, losing 3 stone by the big day or dropping a dress size? Whatever your commitment – LighterLife can help.