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Advice, support and someone to help keep you on track

Losing weight can often feel like a solo journey: your mind is whirling with trying to stay on track, it can seem that you’re surrounded by people eating exactly what they want and it’s easy to feel you’re the only one.

As a personal Mentor at LighterLife my role is to help you every step of the way with weekly meetings, social media support and Foodpack knowledge. It’s also reassuring that with LighterLife, there is a large support network behind you, so you’ll never feel alone.

Back in 2013 I went through my own LighterLife journey, losing 4st 7lb, and four years later I decided to join the LighterLife family and become a Mentor. My personal experience means I understand what you’re going through, every step of the way.

Being a Mentor gives me the opportunity to help people and have a more fulfilling job. After working in the construction industry for 30 years, I wanted to make a change and being a Mentor offers flexibility, a better work-life balance and I can be my own boss.

“Becoming a Mentor is the best thing I’ve ever done. The workshops were brilliant: an opportunity to get together and meet the experts and socialise.” Silvia

“My LighterLife business allows me to do a job I love around my family commitments. I’ve helped over 300 clients lose more than 2,000kg.” Lesley

“The online training was easy to follow and the fact that I could do it at my own pace was helpful. There was always someone to talk to if I had a question.” Jennifer

You can find out more about the LighterLife Mentor opportunity here.

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