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The total solution to better health Lose weight fast and lower your BMI

This is the time to begin your journey to better health and losing weight.

The LighterLife 12 Week Plan is here to help you lose weight and get your mind and body in tip top condition to set you up for long-term

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Choose a plan that works for you based on the amount and rate of weight you want to lose.
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LighterLife CBT mindfulness sessionsare where the magic happens. Find your personal Mentor
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If you're not willing to risk the extraordinary, then you'll have to settle for the ordinary
10 years on from starting LighterLife and losing 6st, I’m proud to say I’ve completed 18 marathons.
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I feel 10 years younger thanks to LighterLife. Shopping is my new favourite past time and I’m finally living my dream!
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Without my belly getting in the way of my swing, I can get back to playing golf. There’s no holding me back.
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  • Dr Kelly Johnston Dr Kelly Johnston Head of Nutrition & Research LighterLife's products all meet UK and EU food standards, so you're getting optimal nutrition during weight loss. Women typically lose around a stone a month and men drop around 1st 7lb. Research shows losing weight more quickly can lead to better long-term results.
  • Dr Becky Spelman Dr Becky Spelman Psychologist, Harley Street The groups help you understand what goes through your mind around food. That’s what I love about LighterLife; it’s not a slimming club that introduces a short-term fad diet, it’s addressing the psychological side of eating.
  • Dr Matt Capehorn Dr Matt Capehorn Medical Director & GP A fully nutritious TDR like LighterLife Total is great for your health and can reduce your risk of developing several conditions, including high blood pressure and cholesterol. It can even reverse type 2 diabetes. I incorporate the LighterLife Programme with my patients.