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LighterLife Bars are high in protein and packed with vitamins and minerals. Perfect for when you are on the go. All our bars can be enjoyed on a VLCD,* LCD or 5:2 Fast plans. 

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  • Crispy peanut - small
    155kcal bar is low or very-low-calorie-diet suitable, high in protein and packed with vitamins & minerals ...
  • Crispy Cranberry & Raspberry Bar
    154Kcal bar, is high in vitamins & minerals and to be used on LighterLife Total, Lite or 5:2 plans ...
  • Toffee Bar
    This bar is suitable for low or very low calorie diet, it’s high in protein, packed with vitamins & minerals ...
  • Bars- small
    Bars suitable for a VLCD: 3 Nut Fudge, 2 Toffee, 1 Crispy Peanut & 1 Crispy Cranberry & Raspberry Bar...

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