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  1. Sunrise Orange Drink Mix

    Sunrise Orange Drink Mix

    30 drink servings, fresh orange flavour, sweet and refreshing, fibre enriched. Serve hot or cold Learn More
  2. Pink Grapefruit Drink Mix (Sticks)

    Pink Grapefruit Drink Mix (Sticks)

    Makes 1 litre, handy take anywhere to turn your water into a refreshing drink. Learn More
  3. St Clements Drink Mix

    St Clements Drink Mix

    Use to add flavour to your water, makes 30 servings, fibre enriched. Can be enjoyed hot or cold Learn More
  4. Fruits of the Forest Drink Mix

    Fruits of the Forest Drink Mix

    Makes (30 drink servings) great for adding flavour to water, fibre enriched. Serve hot or cold Learn More
  5. Mousse Mix

    Mousse Mix

    Turn your LighterLife Shakes into a thick mousse to thicken up your sweet Foodpacks. Learn More
  6. Fibre Mix

    Fibre Mix

    Our chicory inulin fibre mix is always on hand to help ease any digestive problems Learn More
  7. Savoury broth (1 box contains 14 sachets)

    Savoury broth (1 box contains 14 sachets)

    Makes a lovely warm drink. Whenever you want something a bit more than another glass of water or a cup of coffee Learn More
  8. Raspberry Jelly Mix - Sticks

    Raspberry Jelly Mix - Sticks

    Add to 125ml of water to enjoy jelly as part of your LighterLife plan. Not vitamin enriched Learn More
  9. 300 Sweetener Tablets

    300 Sweetener Tablets

    Exclusively from LighterLife our calorie free sucralose based sweetener - live a little sweeter, without the sugar! Learn More

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