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7-Day VLCD Starter Bundle + Free Delivery

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7-Day VLCD Starter Bundle + Free Delivery

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Everything you need for your first 7 days for under £75 and with free delivery – saving you over £20! Our new starter bundle includes 28 Foodpacks PLUS Popped chips, Savoury Broth, Jelly and Drink Mix PLUS the essential Your Programme book, shaker and Sistema microwave bowl.

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Everything you need for your first 7 days on our Total VLCD for under £75 and with free delivery – saving you over £20! Our new starter bundle includes a mixed selection of 28 Foodpacks: 7 Meals, 5 Shakes, 3 Porridge, 5 Bars, 4 FastPots, 2 Soups and 2 Chocolate Mug Cakes.

PLUS… 2 x Popped Chips*, 1 box Savoury Broth, 2 Raspberry Jellies, a Sunrise Orange Drink Mix AND the essential Your Programme book, handy-sized 500ml shaker, Sistema microwave bowl (colours may vary) and a printed LighterLife meal plan to set you up for your first week.

Our new starter bundle is a great way to set off on your Total VLCD and find your favourite flavours.


Here’s exactly what you get – click on the individual items for full details, including Foodpack preparation, nutrition and ingredients information.

3 x Porridge http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/foodpacks/all-products/porridge.html 

3 x Chocolate Shake http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/foodpacks/all-products/chocolate.html

1 x Strawberry Shake http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/foodpacks/all-products/strawberry-shake.html

1 x Vanilla Shake http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/foodpacks/all-products/vanilla-shake.html

1 x Crispy Peanut Bar http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/crispy-peanut-bar.html

2 x Nut Fudge Bar http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/nut-fudge-bar-309.html

1 x Toffee Bar  www.lighterlife.com/shop/foodpacks/all-products/toffee-bar.html

1 x Chocolate & Raisin Bar (Meal Replacement) http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/chocolate-raisin-meal-replacement-bar.html

2 x Fragrant Thai Noodles Fastpot (Meal Replacement) http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/fragrant-thai-noodles-fastpot-meal-replacement.html

2 x Creamy Chicken Noodle FastPots (Meal Replacement) http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/creamy-chicken-noodles-fastpot-meal-replacement.html

1 x Scotch Broth Soup http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/scotch-broth.html 

1 x Vegetable Soup http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/vegetable-soup.html

2 x Classic Chilli http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/foodpacks/shepherds-pie.html

3 x Spaghetti Bolognese: http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/spaghetti-bolognese.html

2 x Shepherd's Pie http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/foodpacks/shepherds-pie.html

2 x Chocolate Mug Cake http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/chocolate-mug-cake.html

2 x sticks Raspberry Jelly http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/raspberry-jelly-mix-sticks.html

1 x box Savoury Broth http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/savoury-broth-1-box-contains-14-sachets.html

1 x Stick Sunrise Orange Drink Mix http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/sunrise-orange-drink-mix-sticks.html

Sistema Microwave Bowl (colours may vary) http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/microwave-bowl-green.html

450ml Small Shaker** http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/450ml-lighterlife-shaker.html

Your Programme book  http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/lighterlife-your-programme-book.html

1 x Roasted Shallot And Cider Vinegar Popped Chips http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/roasted-shallot-and-cider-vinegar-popped-chips.html

1 x Cheddar Cheese And Chutney Popped Chips http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/cheddar-cheese-and-chutney-popped-chips.html

 1 x 7 Day LighterLife Meal Planner (can also be downloaded here.)


*You can also enjoy 1-2 Light Bites as part of your Fast 5:2 plan, and occasionally on Total or Lite. - This may bring some people out of ketosis.