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NEW FOR 2018! Butterscotch Mousse and Classic Chilli Foodpacks

We’re welcoming in 2018 with two brand new, super-tasty Foodpacks – a luxuriously creamy Butterscotch Mousse and an authentically Mexican flavoured Classic Chilli. Here are some great ways to enjoy them…

Butterscotch Mousse

Our unique Butterscotch Mousse “mousses” straight from the packet – just add around 100ml cold water and whisk until smooth and set. Unlike our Mousse Mix, it’s suitable for vegetarians, too.

Serve chilled for a cool treat (but remember to eat it within 15 minutes of mixing, for optimum nutrition).

If you like to mix things up, top with a sprinkling of crumbled bar – we especially love it with Crispy Peanut. You could also make up half of it, and separately make a mousse with half of a Foodpack shake (pour 100ml cold water into a shaker, add half the shake and 1 tsp Mousse Mix, then blend for 90 secs and refrigerate for 5-10 minutes). When both are set, scoop out into small balls and serve together in a fresh bowl – it’s particularly delish with our Chocolate shake made as a mousse.

Or how about a LighterLife “trifle”? Mix a LighterLife Raspberry Jelly and pop in the fridge to set. Mix half the Butterscotch Mousse with 50ml of cold water and blend until thickened. Pour over the set jelly and return to the fridge. Now mix 15g of Strawberry Foodpack with 50ml (3 tbsp) of cold water to a thick consistency, and spoon over the Butterscotch Mousse. Put back in the fridge for 5 mins. Finely chop a quarter of a Crispy Peanut bar, sprinkle over the trifle and enjoy. Use the Banana shake in place of the Strawberry and voilà – “banoffee pie”!

Classic Chilli

To make our Chilli, add to around 175ml boiling water in a microwave-proof bowl and stir well. Microwave for 2 mins 30 secs, stir again, microwave for another 2 mins, and leave to stand for 1 min before eating. It’s great with a dash of red Tabasco sauce if you like it hot, or mix half with half a Vegetable soup and a bit more water to make a spicy, warming soup.

If you’re on Lite, add some black beans and chickpeas and an extra splash of water before microwaving, or how about mixing it with a portion of Quorn mince (cooked as per the pack instructions), or serving with some grilled chicken dusted with smoky paprika? For a Lite “fajita”, microwave the Chilli with slightly less water for a thicker consistency, then divide between a couple of sturdy lettuce leaves (romaine works well), top with grated cheese and chopped tomato, then roll up and eat.