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What you eat

Lighterlife Foodpacks: Diet-and weight loss foods, drinks, shakes and bars.

We offer a wide variety of Foodpack options

LighterLife offers a tailored weight loss programme to suit your needs and your pocket. But the weight loss you’ll achieve is just the first step in a journey towards lasting weight management.

LighterLife takes a holistic approach to weight loss. We offer a range of diet plans, nutritious food and lifestyle options, accompanied by a change programme, all under the guidance of a highly-trained LighterLife Counsellor. 

A weight loss solution just for you

Want to know how to lose weight quickly? When you join us we’ll start to build your own personalised LighterLife programme. You’ll explore your physiological, psychological and lifestyle needs with a LighterLife Counsellor, who will then guide you to the right solution for you. And they’ll also suggest the length of time you are likely to need to stay on the weight loss stage of the programme. Read some of our weight loss stories now and discover how LighterLife can help.

What will I eat?

LighterLife offers a range of high-quality Foodpacks and meal alternatives. Your personal LighterLife programme will consist of either 3 or 4 daily nutritious food options, as part of a 2 day fasting diet

If your programme consists of 3 Foodpack options per day, you’ll also eat a portion-controlled meal from a list of nutritious, everyday foods. When you join LighterLife you’ll receive all the advice and support you need around your food options. 

But LighterLife is less about what you eat and more about what you won't be eating. The programme gives you the opportunity to better understand the sort of eating and foods that got you into trouble in the first place.

BMI calculator

Use our BMI tool to check if your weight is healthy. If your BMI is over 25, you’re over the ideal weight for your height.

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Buying LighterLife Foodpacks

Foodpacks are available to purchase when you join LighterLife. Simply search for your nearest LighterLife Counsellor and get in touch to start your weight loss journey. Join the many people who are living lighter with LighterLife.

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Success stories

Carolyn’s LighterLife story

“My two children are very proud of me. I’m no longer a fat mum. And I’ve definitely changed my thoughts around food.”

Leroy’s weight loss story

“LighterLife is a life change! I’m a new person and I’ll never take my body for granted again.”


    LighterLife bars

    We have a great range of bars to choose from. Perfect for when you don't have time to mix up a Foodpack.


    LighterLife meals

    Why not try one of our meal choices - like our spaghetti bolognese? Or for breakfast, why not try our delicious porridge?


    LighterLife shakes

    Our great range of shakes are always popular. Why not try your favourite flavour as a dessert using our mousse mix?


    LighterLife soups

    Easy to prepare and always a great option for lunch or dinner. Our soups include hearty minestrone and warming vegetable.

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