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What you eat

Lighterlife Foodpacks: Diet-and weight loss foods, drinks, shakes and bars.

No calorie counting, no fuss

LighterLife offers a tailored programme to suit your needs with no calorie counting and no fuss. We will help you identify the most suitable plan to follow for your needs. Each plan consists of either 3 or 4 daily nutritious food options from our range of high-quality Foodpacks and meal alternatives.

You’ll receive all the advice and support you need around your food options which means that you are free to focus on what you want to achieve and how. Weekly groups give you the opportunity to better understand the sort of eating and foods that got you into trouble in the first place so that you can break the yo-yo cycle.


  • The Total Plan (4 Foodpacks daily)

    Replace your normal food intake with four delicious LighterLife Foodpacks, including shakes, meals and bars. Four of our Foodpacks each day gives you 100% RDA of vitamins and minerals you need. That means you will be getting all the nutrition you need on a daily basis. There is no weighing, no shopping, no counting - it is so straightforward.

  • The Lite Plan (3 Foodpacks daily and a meal)

    You replace 3 meals with 3 of our tasty, and more importantly, nutritious Foodpacks per day, plus you’ll have a portion-controlled meal from a selected food list each day.  It’s developed so you will get all the nutrition you need on a daily basis, and is simple to follow 

  • Management Plan - Keep the weight off

    Once you've achieved your goals through one of our meal replacement diet plans, our management plan will help you develop your new skills so you can maintain the healthy new you long term.

    • A stage-by-stage guide to reintroducing foods and reducing your Foodpacks so you maintain the new you for the long term.
    • Easy, tasty recipes, based on an eating plan that suits you and your lifestyle so you have to tools to make better choices for the future.
  • An easy way to get full nutrition

    LighterLife provides a range of nutritious and tasty Foodpacks so you don’t have to think about cooking, or calories or protein and fibre content –we’ve done all that for you. Your only job is choosing which yummy meals, soups, shakes, porridge and bars to eat first.

    Our Foodpacks contain exactly the same stuff as conventional food. On four packs a day, you’re getting 100% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) for vitamins and minerals, (probably more than before). Plus they are packed with protein and fibre. And did we mention they’re delicious too?



      LighterLife bars

      We have a great range of bars to choose from including our delicious squidgy Toffee bar bursting with butterscotch pieces and d


      LighterLife meals

      Why not try one of our meal choices - like scrumptious Spaghetti Bolognese or aromatic curry? Or for breakfast, why not try our


      LighterLife shakes

      Our great range of shakes are always popular. Why not try your favourite flavour as a dessert using our mousse mix?


      LighterLife soups

      Easy to prepare and always a great option for lunch or dinner. Our soups include warming Tomato & Herb and hearty Pea & Ham.

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