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LighterLife & Pauline Quirke

Pauline Quirke's LighterLife weight loss

If you need weight loss inspiration you'll certainly find it in Pauline Quirke's story. She vowed to start dieting after experiencing health issues and embarassment about her weight. She recalls: "I was the size of a sumo and putting my health at risk, I HAD to lose weight!"

Pauline credits the LighterLife programme for her weight loss success. She acknowledges that dieting can sometimes get you down, but says that LighterLife is different.

Pauline says: "I visualised what I wanted from losing weight. First, it was to be healthier and feel better, and then wearing jeans and T-shirts became my thing. I know the whole world starts their diet in January and most of us stop it by March, but I was determined to do it."

Pauline says that a great part of the appeal of LighterLife was not only it helped her lose weight, but that it has also allowed her to reassess her relationship with food. Her group helped her think about food in a different way – seeing it not as a friend or an enemy.

 Pauline explains: “The difference between someone like myself, and someone who has maintained their weight all their adult life, is the choices they make. They will eat cake, crisps and chips but they just won’t have them all the time. It’s important to get out of the mindset of seeing food as treats.”

Read Pauline Quirke's autobiography Where Have I Gone?

Pauline Quirke also reveals what prompted her life-changing weight loss in her autobiography Where Have I Gone? In the book she recounts the highs and lows of the year in which she whipped herself, and her life, into shape, with a fair few tales from her forty-year acting career thrown into the bargain. Find out more about Pauline's book.

Pauline's Birds of a Feather onscreen sister, Linda Robson, also has a LighterLife success story to share. Read about Linda Robson's weight loss.

For videos of Pauline Quirke's amazing weight loss visit the LighterLife YouTube channel.

Could LighterLife help you?

LighterLife's unique weight loss programme has been helping people lose weight for over 20 years. Pauline Quirke puts it in a nutshell: “LighterLife is different. There’s weekly groups and a Counsellor who can help you change the way you think about food, and help you keep the weight off, with shakes, soups, bars and set meals to help keep you on track.”

Pauline Quirke's top LighterLife tips

  • STAY POSITIVE. You may have times when a little voice in your head says ‘surely one biscuit or chocolate bar won’t hurt?’ But don’t use this as an excuse to lapse. Instead use the skills you learn in your LighterLife group to challenge unhelpful thoughts and you’ll feel empowered.
  • PLAN AHEAD. Have your foodpacks with you so that you can't say 'oh, I forgot my foodpack, I'll have to grab a sandwich.'
  • TALK TO YOUR GROUP.  They're all going through the same emotions as you. Use your weekly groups to speak about any issues you're having. It's a real support network and an important part of the LighterLife experience.
  • DON'T FEAR FOOD. It is possible to have a healthy relationship with food. Your LighterLife group will help you to recognise and prepare for weight management after the initial weight loss.
  • DO IT FOR YOU. You need to lose weight for you, because you want to do it. Make the commitment to yourself, no one else.
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