Kat: I've finally found the light at the end of the tunnel

Kat Grimshaw lost 9st* on her LighterLife Plan after finding her light bulb moment.

  • Weight lost: 9st*
  • Weight loss plan: Total
  • Followed by Management

“My 30th birthday was approaching and that's when I finally had a light bulb moment of ‘enough is enough’. Everything in my life had fallen into place except my weight, and it was time I did something about it.

I’d been overweight from an early age, I even remember sneaking food out of the kitchen cupboard when I was younger! Growing up in our house, food was always a treat, so I always associated it with happiness or for times when I needed comforting. This mentality followed me into my adult life, and I used food as a crutch for many of life’s obstacles. For far too long I stayed in a horrible relationship with someone who didn’t support me and my weight loss efforts, so I became stuck in a cycle of emotional eating.

It wasn’t until I got together with my now boyfriend, Harvey, in 2016 that I finally felt content and secure. Having someone support you unconditionally is amazing, if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be the healthy and happy woman I am today. In the future, we’d love to start a family and because I’ve lost weight I’ll be able to be that active parent who enjoys life to the fullest. When I look to the future, I don’t worry about my weight or my health because I now have the tools to maintain my size 10 figure.

Group made all the difference.

What’s amazing about LighterLife is the group support. My counsellor, Claire, is always motivating and I’ve really enjoyed the weekly cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) activities she takes us through. Without LighterLife’s unique approach to weight loss, I would never have been able to set myself free from my repeating pattern.

One of the activities stuck with me because my mum and I had been doing it for years. It’s called ‘The Drama Triangle’ or could also be called the ‘here we go again’ game. This describes the repetitive roles people play in their interactions with others to avoid stress and painful challenges in their own lives. You play one of three roles in every situation; the Rescuer, the Victim or the Prosecutor.

As a sufferer of chronic fatigue syndrome, I would fall asleep at my desk in the middle of the day, but since losing weight I have so much more energy that the effects have changed dramatically. LighterLife has given me this new mindset on living a healthy balanced life and a life I never thought I could have.

I still do a double take when I catch myself in the mirror, seeing yourself slim can be quite a shock after being overweight for so long. I’m so proud of myself for making such positive changes in my life and reaching a healthy BMI. Now, all I want to do is inspire other women who just like me thought there wasn’t light at the end of the tunnel; I’m proof LighterLife works!”

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*Each of our client's results and stories are unique to them and their experience of LighterLife. Your own results will be personal to you and may vary.

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Each of our client's results and stories are unique to them and their experience of LighterLife. Your own results will be personal to you and may vary.

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