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Denise lost 2st* with LighterLife before her wedding and has been maintaining her healthy weight for over 3 years.

Denise says: ‘I chose LighterLife because of the group work. I'd swapped drinking too much for eating too much. What I quickly realised through the LighterLife group work was that I often listened to the Child's voice inside my head: the rebel that says 'Go on, you deserve it.' I was ignoring my rational, adult voice. 

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Emma lost 10st 12lb* with LighterLife before her wedding and has been maintaining her healthy weight for over 1 year.

Emma says: ‘I've closed the door on that chapter of my life for good' was ignoring my rational, adult voice. 

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Drew lost an incredible 20st* with LighterLife and was able to proudly walk his daughter down the aisle without getting out of breath.

Drew Donaldson, 62 from Scotland, lost almost two thirds of his body weight after tipping the scales at 34 stone.

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Stella: ‘Losing the weight allowed me to be the mum I wanted to be. I’m now a lot more active with my sons’

Stella lost 4st* with LighterLife, having felt de-motivated by slow weight loss on other diets she found the weight loss amazing. Fours years on and she's still maintaining her healthy weight.

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Diane: ‘Now I’m first in line at the mum’s race on sports day’

Diane lost 4st* on LighterLife Total and has been maintaining her healthy weight for over 6 years.

After moving to the UK from South Africa and having her children, Diane decided to join her local dance group at this point she was 5 stone over weight. She found she’d lost her confidence.

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Joe: ‘I’ve come out of hibernation’

I’d been overweight for most of my teens but at 16 I went from being a chubby kid to seriously big. Looking back, it was around this time my parents split up and dad moved out. I guess I hit the food harder because it numbed things. Within a few years I reached 29st.

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Craig: ‘I lost 3st 5lbs* and gained the confidence to stand up to bullies – I’ve even been mistaken for Olly Murs’

Craig tipped the scales at 16st 3lbs and joined LighterLife after being left embarrassed about not being able to squeeze into 48 inch waist jeans.

“I found my weight became a big problem when I started getting bullied at school and I found it difficult to make friends.

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Rachel: ‘I battled with my weight for years, but I was quite clever at disguising it.’

I battled with my weight for years, but I was quite clever at disguising it. Rachel battled with her weight for years, but when she and her partner Sarah celebrated the much longed for birth of their son James, neither of them anticipated how those early months of motherhood would bring Rachel to her knees forcing her to re-evaluate her life - and eventually her weight.

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Yvonne: ‘I feel more alive than ever before’

With a milestone birthday just around the corner, and 20 years of yoyo dieting under her belt, Yvonne knew that to ensure her 60’s was going to be a happy and healthy decade she needed to revaluate the choices she was making.

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Jag: ‘What I like about LighterLife is the fast, safe, weight loss.’

Jag weighed 17st before joining LighterLife, and now her family hardly recognise her!

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Gemma: ‘I’ve never been more proud of myself in my life’

I tried every diet going, but nothing worked. I thought about doing LighterLife for about 12 months before actually joining, I’d thought it was unhealthy. When I went to see my Counsellor (Veronica Barry) she laid my health worries to rest.

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Natasha: ‘I felt sexy and confident, like a different person.’

Regular carnival participant Natasha Williams-Faray was a size 22* when she joined Lighterlife. even though she always felt confident with how she looked, her excess weight affected her energy levels and was beginning to impact on her health.

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Emma: ‘I was always the fat, funny friend. But, look at me now!’

“I'd find myself lying awake at night full of anxiety thinking: If I don't lose weight, I'm going to die. I'm not ready to die...I needed to change, but I couldn't do it alone. I needed help and I've never been good at asking for help.

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Delpha lost over 9st* with LighterLife and has been maintaining her healthy weight for over a year.*

Delpha says: ‘I lost over half my body weight without bariatric surgery

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Tipping the scales at over 17st, I knew I was extremely overweight. But I told myself I’d start another diet tomorrow.

One day when I was lecturing an obese patient when he looked at me and said: ‘You can talk!’ I knew then I had to confront my own weight. .

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Debbie: ‘LighterLife not only changed my life, it saved my life.’

“Some of my earliest memories are of taking, biscuits, sweets, crisps etc and going to the beach on my own to eat them all. I also used to raid the spare change jar at home to get enough money together to go to the shop to buy junk food. When I was happy, I ate; when I was sad, I ate.

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Laurence: ‘My kids called me fatty, but now I laugh with them’

When Laurence Howland was touching 19 stone his kids called him Fatty.

At his top weight he couldn’t walk five minutes from the bus stop to his office without breaking into a sweat.

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Lyn: ‘I used to just exist – now I’m alive’

When Lyn was desperately unhappy she thought weight was the reason, but she can now see it was more than that. At 17st she felt lethargic and unhealthy, and although her life was busy it was also horribly empty.

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Garry: ‘Every morning you wake up 8 stone lighter is a special day!’

At his heaviest Garry weighed 21 stone, he’d eat takeaways in secret, and make stops at the kebab shop before sitting down at home to a healthy family meal with my wife, Rosemarie, and children.

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Julie lost 9st 3lbs* to dramatically improve her health and has been successfully maintaining her weight for over 2 years.

When gastric bands and bypasses failed Julie, LighterLife triumphed.

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So what have you got to lose - apart from the weight, the health worries, the fear things are never going to change, or the feeling you don't fit in, or that nothing fits, or what? Forget what's holding you back, just take the first step, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.